Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Studio Tour-

Invitation (to the Chthonian World

 Striking parallels to this fatal romance appear in several cultures, from the story of the sphinx, the sirens, the mermaids, the Gorgons, even the princess and the frog. The man is enticed into entering a terrestrial sphere, where he achieves enlightenment, discovers new life, and wins the power to overcome death. The Egyptian temple reiterates
 this fatal romance pattern exactly. Although western culture
celebrates and repeats these stories, we have forgotten
their significancethe beguiling value of death and mortality.                                                         

Quick note to let you know about my Studio Tour,
November 23rd and 24th. (Yep, Black Friday,  sounds like a Monte Python Holiday)
 6-8 pm ,    1262 South, 1650 East,  Provo, Ut

I will have a lot of Christmas images and also all the symbolic pieces I have been working on this year about relationships, including this one about the fatal romance.

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