Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seed time: Eve considers the harvest.

The Greek temple idealized the "planting" of god's daughter Persephone into the underworld, her marriage to Hades, and her restoration to paradise in the spring;   the climax of their temple ceremony being the appearance of the shaft of wheat, (appearing in Catholic mass, centuries later as a wheat wafer.) This Greek ideal is but a shadow of our oldest story: Eden.
The Human seed is "sent forth" from the divine garden in the climactic moment of this well known allegory of creation; the first step towards a paradisical harvest.

The Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith commented on this garden story:
“Adam did not commit sin in eating the fruits, for God had decreed that he should eat and fall.... ....therefore the Lord appointed us to fall and  also Redeemed us”
( McIntire Minute Book February, 1841)

As all epic journeys require,  this "seed" left Eden with tangible refrences of it's origin and promise.  My show follows these promises, to their visual and archaic roots millennia ago, celebrating the "Ornaments" of Eden, and their mysterious and archaic message.

Please join us for a reception at the Repartee Gallery on the North End of the University Mall, Saturday Evening, 7-9 pm.

This Exhibit will also appear at the FAIR Conference of apologetics August 2nd and 3rd, at the South Town ExpoCenter.