Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Cannot Survive Without Each Other~

"Oh Morning Star, Make a path for me!"  This is the desperate plea from an Egyptian who died centuries ago.  His name, his existence, and everyone he knew have been utterly forgotten.  And yet his question remains.  Is there a path through night and death? A guiding star, that leads to Redemption and Morning?

Anthropologist Joseph Campbell identified this problem in
The Heroes Journey, and argued that all cultures unanimously share this fundamental concern. 

Quick Recap: 
#1 The Hero or Prince is born in the Royal court, 
#2 Sent on a impossible journey to obtain a treasure, 
#3 Given gifts to help him achieve the impossible,
#4 Go, Fight, Win! 
#5 He returns triumphant to Heaven/Home/Olympus/Afterlife, and is given a crown and/or immortal life.

Every culture reiterates this human experience, in their paradigm story or myth: St. George and the Dragon, Isis and Osiris, Hercules and the Hydra, Adam and Eve.  (Oh, Wait, someone has been tampering with our story.* At least we still have Star Wars.) The Mormon Temple also reiterates this pattern.

Hugh Nibley  brings an interesting perspective to the "impossible task"

 of the journey.  According to Nibley's research of the hypocephalus, in Egyptian belief 
 the magical gift that helps the hero accomplish the impossible task is defined by opposition in all things....

For the Egyptians ultimate power came through gender interaction. A concept quietly forgotten as the innocuous Hebrew word "helpmeet."

That was way oversimplified, but take a look.  

 Woman brings man to life in the mortal sphere, (through birth) but then she dies, so she is stuck there.  Man brings woman to life in the immortal sphere (through resurrection.)  Neither of them can get through the whole journey without their gender opposite. The works of our fathers, and brother, sisters and wives are the bridge that take us from one world to the next,  from life to death and to life again.

In between those two opposite ends of mortality, there are a thousand ways our separate genders serve and redeem each other. Fixing flat tires and cooking dinner, and forgiving so often you think you are going to kill someone. That service that is so mundane, the give and take of relationships, creates a centrifugal force, if you will, that keeps "the stars aligned," so that we can literally bridge the gateways between the spheres of eternity--. from premortal to mortal to eternal. And we cannot do it without sympathy for our opposite.

All of us are walking in the dark of the Hero’s Journey. We cannot feel the strength of family members who have moved on into the next sphere without us. Our own forgetfulness, impatience, cruelty, lack of forgiveness darken the stars. Thank heavens our loved ones slow down and wait for us when we get lost. Hopefully we wait for them and for others in return. But our loved ones, and the love we bear each other, are our own best hope. Our relationships and the covenants that solemnize them are the Morning Star that guides us through the night.

Thanks to Kent  Pimentel who inspired this post by asking about my painting,  “Oh, Morning Star, Make a Path for Me!” 

This piece and other meditations on relationships are showing through December
 at the Carriage House Gallery in Provo.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Salt Lake Christmas Openhouse

https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=23dffef32c&view=att&th=13a8e2718c0678c6&attid=0.2&disp=inline&realattid=f_h8n5dn7o1&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P9NBQy_YqThiJ0Q054sEGPH&sadet=1351279156405&sads=tSqap0NhTlK0oD4xdvfybH7aqlMSalt Lake Christmas Open House
You are invited to a Christmas Soiree
 "I made of my heart a stable"
Nov 30, and Dec 1 6-9PM

Come enjoy old friends, the spices of the season, 
Christmas art and song at an informal concert
 celebrating the Memory of  Terry Summerhays, 
 Several of the amazingly talented members
 of Intimate Opera will be contributing
to the festivities Saturday night, 
It's sure to be standing room only. 
Mark your calendars! 
or beg me for a reminder,  by clicking here.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Best Love Quotes Ever--

Best Love Qoute Ever-- 
"Mary and I have been married for forty-seven years
 and not once have we had an argument serious enough 
to consider divorce; murder, yes, but divorce, never.” Jack Benny


Or how about this--
"An archeologist is the best husband any woman can have; 
the older she gets, the more interested he is in her"- Agatha Christy

Love is grand; divorce is a hundred grand.- Anonymous


“When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. 

Men invade another country. It's a whole different way of thinking.”

I am doing a series of 30 valentines for a gallery this February, 
highlighting some of the most beautiful words ever written.   
Obviously I can't use any of those.  

 "I sat down under his Shadow with Great Delight" 
is a  piece of poetry from the Songs of Solomon 
that I just painted into a tiny love story, entitled 'Star of Solomon."   
Although I am not sure who they principle Characters of this story are, 
Their affection is as old as the cosmos. 
This is my favorite thing I have ever painted.  
(This piece will be sold in a Silent Auction through Deseret Book)

So,  I'm collecting love thoughts,  the older the better.  I'll probably start with Abraham's immortal words, "My soul shall live because of thee"  Beat that Shakespear!
If you have any ideas,  I'd love to hear them. Long or short, comic or passionate, (even if they don't have the word love in them.) Here is your chance to be the artist- Just leave you quote in the comments,  with the author if possible.  And I will design it into something truely awesome.  (If I end up using your quote you'll win a set of  Mary Summerhays valentines.)

I'll leave you with one of my poetic favorites from Jim-  "You sound like a sad mule clomping along." 

As you can see, I need another 30.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I sat Down under his shadow with great Delight

2012-10-23 14.49.42.jpg2012-10-23 14.50.28.jpg 

This is the little valentine I just finished for Deseret Book's art scholarship auction.  The title is Star of Solomon.  The painting is an allusion to the ancient principle of "Eternal"-  the  flaming leaf  (masculine) protecting the fruit, and power of life(feminine)  so that their seed can grow; the text poetically reiterating, "I sat down under his shadow with great delight."  (Songs of Solomon 2:2) It is the favorite  thing I have ever made.

It's a metaphor about the male female relationship- Man makes woman eternal in the next sphere, but Woman makes man eternal in the mortal sphere by giving him posterity (or "seeds that continue" like it says in the D&C.)

In the desert world of the Mediterranean the shade of an oasis allowed life to continue,and seeds to grow. To "sit down in his shadow" is a poetic way of saying that they have this relationship that makes them both eternal.

The Star of Solomon, according to masonic tradition, was the symbol used to replace the name of God in the Hebrew temple. Some Anthropologists make strong suggestions that the name itself meant "posterity." So the gold star in the veins of the red leaf  is the belief in union between man and woman; Specifically, That man of himself can not achieve posterity, and relies on his interaction with woman to reach a divine goal of continuance.

It is part of Deseret Books auction-  check out their video-  (Narrated by a charming 12 year old. The original Molly Mormon.  That in and of itself is a cultural experience)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Studio Tour-

Invitation (to the Chthonian World

 Striking parallels to this fatal romance appear in several cultures, from the story of the sphinx, the sirens, the mermaids, the Gorgons, even the princess and the frog. The man is enticed into entering a terrestrial sphere, where he achieves enlightenment, discovers new life, and wins the power to overcome death. The Egyptian temple reiterates
 this fatal romance pattern exactly. Although western culture
celebrates and repeats these stories, we have forgotten
their significancethe beguiling value of death and mortality.                                                         

Quick note to let you know about my Studio Tour,
November 23rd and 24th. (Yep, Black Friday,  sounds like a Monte Python Holiday)
 6-8 pm ,    1262 South, 1650 East,  Provo, Ut

I will have a lot of Christmas images and also all the symbolic pieces I have been working on this year about relationships, including this one about the fatal romance.

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Upcoming Events:
Carriage House Gallery Solo Show,  November & December  2012
Deseret Book Lunch and Learn Nov 16th, 2012
Studio Tour and Open House, November  23rd, and 24th 2012
Salt Lake Christmas Openhouse, Nov 30th,  December 1st 2012