Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SMOFA- Award of Merit painting called "Deeply Psychological"

My entry "Lone Man; The Deep Sleep" won an Award of Merit at the Springville Art Museum's Religious Show!!!

One of the curators has taken to telling people it is, "Deeply Psychological" which has started a firestorm of controversy among those who know me personally and are worried about my psychological state.

It is only as "Deeply Psychological" as the Nicean creed's betrayal of the human family and the subsequent rebellion of educated culture. Truth be told the piece is simply symbolic. And while that does lend it a certain air of Mystery, it reads like the plot for Dan Brown's sequel to Angel's and Demons.

Below is a list of my favorites but meanwhile I am offering your choice of chocolate for anyone who can guess my prize for worst piece of art I have ever seen. Anyone?

My pick for top five at the Religious Show:

1) Bryan Kershisnik
Descent from the Cross You gotta ask: Is it a modern response to the Crucifiction?
2) Ortho Fairbanks
Perfect sculpture of Joseph Smith
3) Walter Rane
(Not the one that won!) He had another of Christ raising Lazrus from the dead, Fabulous! The rythm is unstopable, and the light just comes pouring through! And the texture is so gritty because he uses sand paper and scrapes of the paint down to the underpainting, and the light comes pouring through that gritty texture. Stunning! I bet it glows in the dark. Maybe it should have been my #1.
3) Lynn Griffith's
two peices on the Hole in the Rock
4) Annie Henrie
Savior (Annie won an award of merit and sold the feminine partner to this called "Tender Mercies"- but I am gonna cry all day when I see the sold sign on the Savior)
5) Kristi Ringger sculpture.
It's called Jesus and Yes, you can Touch it! So take your kids, and let'er rip, cause it's fun. And thought provoking.