Although my watercolors are lighthearted impulse paintings,  each one is an Edenic garden, a perfect framework to celebrate relationships.  Although they very often highlight the quiet qualities and personalities of my sisters and friends, their spectrum is broad enough to include the Lords' generosity with us in providing temples to strengthen our ties to him-the ultimate relationship.

Just to give you an idea of  how the watercolors look framed. I just ordered a whole bunch more colors
from profiles line of vintage frames.  Can't wait to see them! The colored framed seemed to be the favorite at UVU.

Nauvoo Star

This is a sneak peak of the painting I did for the Joseph Smith Sr. Foundation.  The  Lilacs mark an interesting story for the family-   Emma had Joseph and Hyrum buried secretly, and marked the grave with lilacs.  Mary Fielding took cuttings from the tree with her and cultivated them in the Salt Lake Valley.  Meanwhile in Nauvoo the lilacs grew prolifically, until eventually the location of the graves was lost.  For decades the lilacs became a symbol of the lost graves of the prophet.  Until Recently---  At this point I should just link to the Smith Foundation.  Fun stuff going on.

"Windswept"  This painting is dedicated to my sister-in-law Karen, whose turbulent life seems to constantly throw curveballs;  But the beauty and bouancy  of her constant good cheer and  warm personality are always inspiring to me.

This hoodoo at Arches National Park near Moab is sometimes called the 3 patriarchs, or 3 sisters, and also the 3 gossips.  Since I painted it while jabbering to my dear friend, Mary McBride,  I like to think of it as The Three Gossips.

 in Francis Utah

Snow Canyon St. George

This was a new interpretation of Pontormo's "Three Graces."    It was one of those era's of life where I was sort of kicking back at fate,  and my interpretation of the greek "graces"  was a little bit of a smack down-  hence the wildness of this image.
Also based on Pontormo's 3 graces.


Becky said...

Wow, I just love all of these! I couldn't decide which temple one I liked the best. I like the whiter Nauvoo Temple because it looks so heavenly, but I love the tan ish one too because it feels like you have stepped back in time. The temple also stands out more, and I love the tan and red colors together. I love the walls and windows of the Salt Lake Temple because it's just such a unique way to display the temple, and it looks so realistic. And I love the cherry blossoms at the SLC temple because the theme is springtime, which means renewing, which is how you feel after going to the temple.

Matt said...

I really loved all the ones of the Temples, especially the Nauvoo temple. It was really cool to see the differences that could be made when you changed the colouring of the painting. The temple ones also evoke the feeling you get when you are there. I really liked those a lot. I also liked the paintings of the walls near the Manti temple. I am excited to see the all of the ones that you do in the future!

Lindsey Orton said...

My favorites were the 3rd print and the 5th print! Amazing work!

JMaddox said...

I think I like the 3rd print the best. Hard to decide tho.

Buffy said...

Wow! My favorites are 1,2,3,6, 7.8,10 and 11. You are really gifted Mary!

Elizabeth said...

Mary, all gorgeous of course! I really need a print of one of these for sure. I want to see more!!!!

Ali said...

Your paintings are so beautiful! My friend and I saw you at the Provo Farmers Market, and you said that you had some watercolors of the Timpanogos Temple. Could you point me in the right direction?

Thank you!