Thursday, December 19, 2013

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rod and crown

Beauty is Medicine for the Soul
Saint and Angels Sing
Christmas Angel
Icons inspired by the Odes of Solomon

The Odes of Solomon are among the earliest Christian Hymns used in a temple 70 miles south of Jerusalem, by Christians fleeing political persecution. I find them particularly interesting because they confirm a feminine presence in early Christian Worship. These poems celebrate the tree of life and give new insight into the ancient Christian Imagery of Angels, Halos, and Crowns,  the same symbols Moses once called the "Ornaments" or Eden.  I hope you will love the imagery and poetry as much as I do.

Here is just a taste:

Ode 1
The Lord is on my head like a crown, and I shall never be without Him.
Plaited for me is the crown of truth, and it caused Your branches to blossom in me.
For it is not like a parched crown that blossoms not;
For You live upon my head, and have blossomed upon me.
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Mary Glad
Mary Summerhays Glad has been crafting these exquisite handmade beads since childhood,  but her years living and working as a diplomat in Morocco gave her a close up into the artistry and craft behind this unique and rare form of Jewelry making.

Each bead is built of  tiny strands of paper wrapped as spools of paper, which she couples with other semi precious stones to make necklaces of exquisite and colorful patterns, creating a truely unique gift.
Ben Behunin
Ben Behunin's whimsical and humorous pottery is nationally renowned. His latest book, "With a Chery on Top"  is dedicated to Terry Summerhays and celebrates the idea that a life well lived inspires us all and proves "It's All Art."
Mary Summerhays
Icons inspired by the Odes of Solomon 
Angel with Trump (Sold)

Oil on Canvas Pannel (Sold)

I will be showing a series of "Saints" and Angels inspired by early Christian hymns, and iconography, as well as sharing the full text of this ancient poetry.

My art focuses on the universal need for relationships and the  transformative power of those interactions in both ancient and modern belief. Each painting incorporates symbols and metaphors from ancient cultures and their belief that art (and icons especially) had power to reach beyond our immediate circumstances.
May the message of the season resonate in our hearts,  and as always-

Beauty is Medicine for the Soul
Be Well,

Mary Summerhays
Angel with Lute
Angel with Lute 13x14 380$
Oil, Acrylic and Gold Leaf $380

Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Mixed Media on panel $250