About Me

Artist Statement:
I believe that art should have a redeeming effect in our lives, that beauty has a divine power to transform the harsh realities of this world to divine discovery. This transformation, found in story, is a reality our souls crave; it is a process idealized by one scholar in the words, "blessed are the sense makers."

I am particularly fascinated by the unique and enlivening beliefs of the Restoration, and my inspiration tends to spring from the powerful messages found there.

My paintings metaphorically pursue our common need for human relationships and their transformative power. Strangely  this unique ideal, so integral a part of human nature, has been overlooked in the tumultuous centuries of debate seeded by the philosophies of men and only recently restored by Joseph Smith. His ancient answer has such contemporary meaning and value.  What could be more fun to paint?

My Life:   My truest medium consists of chocolate chips, brownies and my 5 cuties. My husband Jim is a fascinating writer and philosopher who works for BYU Studies, and is a source of constant and unpredictable insight. I studied privately for years with Loran Folland, later studied art at BYU and apprenticed with J. Kirk Richards.  I've received awards from Museums and competitions, and illustrated for documentaries on BYUTV, but nowhere is my art more meaningful than hanging in our home as a constant testimony for my 5 kids- my truest work of art.


2013 December Solo Show "It's All Art" Salt Lake City, UT
2013 Solo Show "The Tree of Life" FAIR conference of apologetics
2013 August Covey Center for the Arts "Echoes of Eden"
2013 March 22 Deseret Book  Flagship Gallery
2013 BYU Women's Week Group Show with Lee Udal Benion, Kathleen Petersen, and Sally Poet
2013 Solo Show "Paradise" Iniversity Village Deseret Book
2012 Solo Show "Angels and Stars gave the Sign" Salt Lake City, UT
2012 Carriage House Gallery  "As the Branch Cannot Bear Fruit of Itself" Provo, UT
2012 Springville Museum of Art, Spiritual and Religious Show
2012 Repartee "Ornaments of Eden" Solo Show, Orem, UT
2012 Featured at the FAIR conference of Apologetics, Salt Lake City, UT
2012 Springville Museum of Art, Spring Salon Award of Merit
2012 Deseret Books Flagship Gallery
2011 Brigham Young University Student Show, Award of Merit
2011 Springville Museum of Art, Spring Salon Group show
2011Springville Museum of Art, Spiritual and Religious Show, Award of Merit
2011 Window Box Gallery, Group show, Provo UT