Friday, March 23, 2012

Here is what's on my easel for DB's gallery "He is not here, he is risen."  This is just a snippet of the unfinished painting.  I could yet spill purple ink over the entire thing, and discover my career as an abstract painter. 

I think it so interesting to consider the word's Christ uses in the garden at the morning of the Resurrection-  "Ascended"  Spatially it doesn't make sense.  We quit thinking of the hot place below and the harp singing above back in the 5th grade.  If anyone, Christ knew the location.  Yet he uses this word that means go up,  in the middle of a historical setting.   With all the debate between historicity or allegory in the scriptures, I wonder, was Christ suggesting that the allegory was historical? It would have been metaphorical, even if he hadn't made it an allegory.

 In my head of course that takes you straight to the hypocephalus. The subject has been interesting to paint while reading Hugh Nibley's One Eternal Round. FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME.!!!! Despite it being so hard to understand, (sorry Hugh, gotta say it.) It was so worth the effort.  

Meanwhile, There's another sneak peak for Friday.

Lunch and Learn At Deseret Book Conference Weekend

I want to invite you to the Lunch and Learn  I am doing at  Deseret Book next Friday 11:00-1:00. Feel free to bring any friends along with you for the festivities.  I'm giving a free print to anyone that brings a friend looking for an entertaining lunch break. (Or at least the first 50. :)

I'll be doing a painting demo using volunteers from the crowd- (yeah, that's risky, anything could happen to those paintings.)   I'll also be unveiling some new paintings (including some spectacular flowers from the temple square gardens) as well as a couple of free give-aways, including a framed print of my best seller, "Almond Blossoms."   It's a giclee print of the Salt Lake Temple with a deckled edge framed and float mounted.  It really is gorgeous, and retails at $150.  I'll be doing that drawing right at 11:00 so you'll have a good chance to win because everyone else will be late. (They're Mormons. ;)