Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How traditional marriage protects gays--

I  paint "Metaphorically Inspiring Art, that Speaks to Our Universal Need for Relationships"
  "UNLESS YOU'RE GAY!" was the quip that recently appeared.

Without a doubt gays share the "universal need for relationships!"    

Biology has given us the opportunity to have a  long term relationship  with a mother and father.  Marriage legally protects that relationship, with a mother and father.  Mariage does not interrupt our ability to have other friendships, siblings, relatives, partners, room mates, even sexual partners. It guarantees each of us a long term permanent relationship with the two people who care most about us in the world, the people who created us. We all need that, even people who strugle with same gender atraction.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm so excited to finally announce my next show! 

"In Great Glory"

I'll be doing a group show with  Lee Udall Bennion and Sallie Poet
 at the Harris Fine Arts Center during Women's Conference. 
Thursday May 2 to Tuesday May 14th

The show will focus on the role of women in the gospel. 
My pieces focus on the coronation and anointing symbols of the mortal journey as they appear in the pattern of the "Mother of all Living" and particularly "Our Glorious Mother Eve."

They are, frankly, seriously cool, and I can't wait to show them. Just in time for Mothers' day.