Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I sat Down under his shadow with great Delight

2012-10-23 14.49.42.jpg2012-10-23 14.50.28.jpg 

This is the little valentine I just finished for Deseret Book's art scholarship auction.  The title is Star of Solomon.  The painting is an allusion to the ancient principle of "Eternal"-  the  flaming leaf  (masculine) protecting the fruit, and power of life(feminine)  so that their seed can grow; the text poetically reiterating, "I sat down under his shadow with great delight."  (Songs of Solomon 2:2) It is the favorite  thing I have ever made.

It's a metaphor about the male female relationship- Man makes woman eternal in the next sphere, but Woman makes man eternal in the mortal sphere by giving him posterity (or "seeds that continue" like it says in the D&C.)

In the desert world of the Mediterranean the shade of an oasis allowed life to continue,and seeds to grow. To "sit down in his shadow" is a poetic way of saying that they have this relationship that makes them both eternal.

The Star of Solomon, according to masonic tradition, was the symbol used to replace the name of God in the Hebrew temple. Some Anthropologists make strong suggestions that the name itself meant "posterity." So the gold star in the veins of the red leaf  is the belief in union between man and woman; Specifically, That man of himself can not achieve posterity, and relies on his interaction with woman to reach a divine goal of continuance.

It is part of Deseret Books auction-  check out their video-  (Narrated by a charming 12 year old. The original Molly Mormon.  That in and of itself is a cultural experience)

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