Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Unknown Allegory" is such a perplexing title for such an inspiring painting as  Brian Kershisnik's  entry to the Spring salon this year.   Rumor has it that Brian insists that he does not know the meaning of the painting,  that it just came to him, When I saw it,  I interpreted an immediate meaning to it- as if it had been a purposeful message, spoken in symbols very simple to read. On a ground made of four pannels, Woman (with two gardening companions floating with her) faces man and holds a piece of fruit.  One of the floaters tilts his head as if waiting to see how Man responds to the invitation.  And then,  absolutely brilliant:  The man's panel and the woman's panel each have door knobs. They are doors.
To me it comes through as a brilliantly  simple way to say  what my very complicated piece was attempting to say.  Or am I just so focused on that message that I see it everywhere.  So I can't help but wonder how other people respond to his allegory?  Tell me how you read it.  I'm dying to know.

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