Friday, March 23, 2012

Lunch and Learn At Deseret Book Conference Weekend

I want to invite you to the Lunch and Learn  I am doing at  Deseret Book next Friday 11:00-1:00. Feel free to bring any friends along with you for the festivities.  I'm giving a free print to anyone that brings a friend looking for an entertaining lunch break. (Or at least the first 50. :)

I'll be doing a painting demo using volunteers from the crowd- (yeah, that's risky, anything could happen to those paintings.)   I'll also be unveiling some new paintings (including some spectacular flowers from the temple square gardens) as well as a couple of free give-aways, including a framed print of my best seller, "Almond Blossoms."   It's a giclee print of the Salt Lake Temple with a deckled edge framed and float mounted.  It really is gorgeous, and retails at $150.  I'll be doing that drawing right at 11:00 so you'll have a good chance to win because everyone else will be late. (They're Mormons. ;)

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