Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet Sweet Nauvoo

These are my new paintings that I just released at LDS Booksellers convention. And my darling new friend who bares their namesake- "Nauvoo"!  SO JEALOUS!

In the background  you can catch a sneak-peak of
the piece I just finished,  Nauvoo Star.  It was a very fun approach to a painting of the Nauvoo temple.  The Sunstone seems to capture the unique optimism of the people of Church History.  As I painted it,  It began to feel more like a portrait,  like I was painting the thousands of anonymous saints who changed their lives to gather to Nauvoo.  Deseret Book has asked me to unveil the original at the Lunch and Learn Flagship store in Down Town Salt Lake.  It is so strange to consider how much debate rages about the photographs of Joseph Smith.  Similar quietude surrounds the unknown saints who sacrificed to build this temple.  Interesting that they did leave one portrait.

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