Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Daily Universe Highlights my Quick Draw.

The quick draw was completely nerve wracking; But all in all the festival was a great success , partially because I sold 13 paintings, but especially because I went home with so many incredible paintings! Todd Orchard did a trade with me, and Brigitte Bize who won an honorable mention, traded me her Sunflowers for a painting of a shady lane in Kamas, which I will miss, but am thrilled to have begun my own collection. I will try to post a picture of them both. I am still ironing out a trade with my choice for Best of Show- Bruce Martin. Meanwhile I should announce that Dana Robb won a free drawing, and is currently chewing over what she should ask me draw.
And surprise surprise, I ended up with this picture documenting the whole event in an article in the Daily Universe.

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Todd and Lara said...

Hey my name appeared in a blog, I am going to go rewrite my resume! I noticed Gurney Journey in your links, a frequent stop for me too.